What kind of wood is used ?


Pretty much anything and everything that is available and works with the design. Mostly locally harvested pine and other white woods. I use pretty much any wood species apon your request but it will effect price and time frame. Due to the great lengths I go to preserve the natural markings in the wood, each piece of furniture is unique and that’s the way we like it and we know you will to. I love the natural texture and unique quality that the character of wood adds to our furniture.


What kind of finish can I get?


Well, any finish you would like. I try to preserve the natural designs present in wood used. Beeswax, polyurethane and natural ,metal oxide of ebony.


Do you use metal fasteners or glue?


Not if there is any way around it. I prefer to use classic woodworking joints of European and Japanese craftsmen. If there is no way around it--let's say rail assembly on beds larger than full I make sure the fasteners are fully hidden from view. Wood moves with changes in air moisture and most metal fasteners will start cutting into surrounding wood with time sooner or later destroying the joint. The only metal fastener I use in furniture is a sizable through bolt which gives the owner an ability to assemble and disassemble the bed when it's moved.


How long does it take to have a piece completed?


Depends on what I am building. Anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks. With winter months the delivery may be delayed due to driving conditions but we will keep you informed.



What is with prices being so low?


Well, normally when you see a price that is much lower than the going market rate it means you will see "Made in China" somewhere on the underside as well as the sort of quality that'll have you looking for a replacement piece in a few years. Sure as heck not going to happen with something you buy from me. My view on this is twofold. First off I believe furniture is grossly overpriced now a days and second I would much rather do something I like making a bit of money from it as a reliable, regular business than try to get a chunk of money from people and fill like I am ripping them off. A clean conscience is worth quiet a bit of cash in my opinion. Sorry to get all preachy there. I am not in this to get rich--just to get a fair pay for honest work that I can be proud of.





My return policy is simple-I do my best to make sure our customers are satisfied with what I have built thats why the final payment is not due until after delivery is completed and inspected by the customer. If a deposit is required when the order if placed it is non-refundable. I will be happy to except return if there is an issue with quality of craftsmanship that will get in the way of you enjoying our furniture. Furniture that has been custom designed or modified to a specific customers taste and requirements, can not be returned for obvious reasons-no two taste or circumstances are alike. If you choose to return our furniture with in 14 days of delivery the cost to do so will be your responsibility.


How does delivery or shipping work?


I drive out to deliver projects in Seattle and bedroom communities, our base delivery charge is 45.00. If you are not located in Seattle the charge for delivery will depend on the distance from Seattle. I am located in North Idaho and delivery charge is dealt with per cases bases.



Does humidity affect my furniture?


Wood is very sensitive to changes in relative humidity.

As the weather changes, furniture is constantly expanding and contracting.

Although our designs and joinery accommodate for the expansion and contraction of solid wood as the humidity changes, wood does best in moderate conditions of around 70ºF to 72ºF and relative humidity of about 50-55%.

I recommend the use of humidifiers in your home to maintain the appropriate humidity level for your wood furniture.

Wood is most likely to crack when the climate in a home suddenly changes from hot and humid to cool and dry. I do not cover this type of cracking, because it is natural and to us only adds to the natural beauty of the wood.



Difference Between Platform and Non-Platform?


The main difference between platform and non-platform is a wood slat system that is provided for customers who choose to only use a mattress. If you will be using a mattress and box springs then non-platform will work great. Mattress height can be adjusted if need be. If you would like a certain height please request it at the time of placing your order otherwise our builder will use his discretion to acheive the best look.