Customer Comments

Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for your furniture... it's beautiful, solid, and just my style. I love it and plan on keeping it forever. Also, thanks for the clear, consistent communication and trust throughout the process.


I'll be passing along referrals if anyone is interested, and ordering more down the road.


Thanks again!


-Mike J.


We love the bed!!


-Marcy B.


Was so easy to put together and sturdy. We could not be happier or more grateful for what you made or us.


-Craig B.


The furniture is awesome! I love it. Thanks so much.


-Trevor L.


I love this bed. It is simply awesome, thank you so much!


-Tammi K.


Thanks so much for bringing the bed by...was such a great surprise after a long week of travel! It's lovely, and so far...working wonderfully ;)


-Andrea S.



We LOVE the table. I cannot tell you enough about how perfect it is for our space and it matches our timbers perfectly. It's just amazing.


-Taryn L.


Thank you- you are a true craftsman. We absolutely love it and wholeheartedly recommend your work!


-Susannah S.


Wanted to get these to you sooner... We love our bed! Thanks again for all your hard work! We've been telling all our friends about your amazing talent!


-Becca & Cory A.