Black dog woodworking is a small one man woodworking operation built on the idea that quality and style should not be compromised on. Solid wood, mortise and tenon as well as timber framing joints cut by hand from locally harvested wood is the only way I know how to build. From step stools to timber frame structures I will not build it or sell it unless I am okay to own the piece myself.


I love the natural look of wood and hate to hide it beneath the fakery of veneers and paints. In my designs I am trying to make things that are made for purpose and project comfort and beauty. Might be a lofty goal to strive for but why waste time on anything less? Things that last and do not annoy the eye when used and looked at on a daily basis.Things that you will be able to pass along to your children and their children's children.


A lot of people ask how I can build and offer my pieces at prices as low as you see on the site--which is usually about a third of the rate compared to every body else . I don't have any huge expense of salesmen, workers,where-houses and stores--everything besides metal hardware is built by my own two hands. I don't have to rely on building and selling furniture to make a living-I build each piece taking my time and not worrying about meeting deadlines and quotes,concentrating on the quality instead.